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Agri-Tech Week 2020:


DATE: Thursday 12 November 2020

TIME: 1630

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As part of this year’s AgriTech week the RNAA will be hosting an online event to explore the issues around agricultural knowledge exchange and, in particular, the roles that agricultural associations and show societies can fulfil in the post COVID-19 world.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a rapid transformation in communications and connectivity. This has accelerated changes that were already underway in agriculture.

In a timely contribution to this year’s Agri-Tech Week, the RNAA is hosting a webinar that tackles the issues and implications: How have the new conditions affected the industry? How much is here to stay – or is this just a passing phase? Does the ‘new norm’ open up new opportunities and, if so, how can these be exploited to benefit knowledge exchange and innovation in agriculture?

In particular, does digital allow new developments to transcend borders and accelerate the transfer of new learnings and understanding around the world? Bringing together senior leaders from across the world, this webinar will address the role that can be played by all those across the industry, but especially agricultural associations and show societies.

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Agri-Tech Week is a partnership initiative, founded in 2014 by Agri-TechE, the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association and the Suffolk Agricultural Association. Further information about Agri-Tech Week can be found at here