Royal Norfolk Show to mark end of World War I

Norfolk Remembers – Royal Norfolk Show First world War Commemoration Event

This year’s Royal Norfolk Show will stage a truly unique commemoration event to mark the centenary of 1918, the year the First World War came to an end. A re-enactment of the fighting in the final months of the War will take place, demonstrating the cooperation between infantry soldiers and the latest innovation in the war, the tank.

The star attraction of the event, which will take place on both days of the Show, is Deborah II, the replica Mk IV Tank as seen on Channel 4’s documentary ‘Guy Martin’s WWI Tank. The tank was built in 2017, to the original design, as the result of a project between the Norfolk Tank Museum, JCB and Guy Martin. Members of the Royal Norfolk Regiment Living History Group will be providing the Infantry support.

Narrating the commemoration will be award winning Norfolk historian, Neil Storey, who specialises in 20th century social history.

Also present at the Show will be There But Not There, an inspiring national commemoration initiative headed up by Army veteran Rowley Gregg MC. With the haunting images of Our Tommies and Silhouettes There But Not There will be the defining centenary commemoration of the end of the 1914-1918 war, installed where the men and women came from across the country, back in the communities they left behind.

Mark Nicholas, Show Director, said “we are thrilled to host this unique commemoration event. There is no better place than the Royal Norfolk Show to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War and I have no doubt that our visitors will be truly inspired.”