Obituary: Sir Timothy Colman

Sir Timothy Colman, who has died aged 91, was twice president of the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association.

He served as president in 1982 when the Royal Norfolk Show attendance was 98,002.

He was also president for the second time when the association celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1997.

Sir Timothy was chairman of the RNAA’s council for 12 years from 1985 and led the initiative to broaden support for the association including the launch of the eve-of-show annual ball, members’ visits and publication of the Mardler.

He also encouraged even greater use of the showground to host more events and activities beyond the two-day Royal Norfolk Show and the Town & Country event.

In 1998, Sir Timothy funded an annual prize to an individual for making an outstanding contribution to food, farming and the countryside. The first Sir Timothy Colman Award was presented in 1999 to Swannington farmer Janet Mutimer.

At the 1998 annual meeting, Lord Edward Fitzroy, who gave a vote of thanks to the retiring president said that Sir Timothy had been an “excellent president.” With Lady Mary, they had attended every event connected with the Show. “Everyone would remember their departure in a horse-drawn carriage in the rain,,” he said.

In reply, Sir Timothy said that he had a deep appreciation and regard for the Association and everyone connected with it. “There was no greater honour in this county than to be elected president of the Association,” he added.

All members of the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association are deeply saddened by the death of Sir Timothy Colman.
Sir Timothy and his family have been at the heart and soul of the RNAA and agricultural community for decades. We celebrate Sir Timothy’s enormous contribution to our county life. 

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