Norfolk Skills and Careers Festival 2017 – Nurturing Norfolk’s Talent

Over 8-9 March the Norfolk Skills and Careers Festival took place at Norfolk Showground. The Festival hosted 4500 youngsters from across the county who were able to explore skills and careers opportunities with over 70 businesses from a range of sectors.


The Festival, which operates on a not-for-profit basis, is run by a partnership of organisations including Norfolk County Council, Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association, City College Norwich, Edge Careers, Easton & Otley College, Norwich School, Norfolk Chamber of Commerce and Archant.


2017 is only the second year of the Festival and already it appears to be developing a strong reputation and is now the largest event of its kind in Norfolk. The RNAA planning team was particularly pleased that the Festival was attended by so many well-known local organisations and businesses that are passionate about promoting opportunities for young people. Even more, a clamour of national and international businesses came on board this year including: Aldi, McDonalds, Nationwide, Tesco and Volkswagen.


The RNAA team is confident in the future of this event and we are delighted to confirm that the 2018 Norfolk Skills and Careers Festival will take place at Norfolk Showground over 7-8 March.