Norfolk Equestrian Show

In association with the Rare Breed Survival Trust


The RNAA is very pleased to announce we will be hosting a one-day Equestrian Show at the Norfolk Showground on Wednesday 28 July 2021.  Classes will be mostly In Hand and Ridden Light Horses, with a few additional classes for Heavy Horses, Private Driving and the Double Harness Scurry competition.

Many of the usual Royal Norfolk Show HOYS qualifiers including The Price Family In Hand Supreme Champion, have been retained so a great opportunity for exhibitors to qualify for the Horse of the Year Show, NEC, 6-10 October 2021.

Although there will be no Showjumping or Farrier Competition on this occasion, it is hoped that this streamlined version of the equestrian elements of the annual Royal Norfolk Show will be a stepping stone to allow us to come back with a full Royal Show in 2022 (Wednesday 29 & Thursday 30 June 2022).

Light Horse Classes Include:

  • Arabs – In Hand
  • British Skewbald & Piebald – In Hand & Ridden
  • Cobs – LW, MW and Maxi – Ridden (HOYS)
  • Foreign and Rare including NEW FOR 2021 Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST)
  • Hack – In Hand
  • Haflingers – In Hand & Ridden
  • Hunters – Show Hunter Pony In Hand, Small Hunters (HOYS), Hunter Ridden weights (HOYS)
  • Irish Draught – In Hand and Ridden
  • Junior Ridden (HOYS)
  • Light Horse – In Hand
  • M&M First Ridden & Lead Rein (HOYS)
  • Welsh A / B / C / D / Connemara / Dales / Dartmoor / Exmoor / Fell / Highland / New Forest / Shetland – Ridden (HOYS) and In Hand
  • NEW FOR 2021 – Miniature Shetlands
  • Partbred Pony (HOYS)
  • NEW FOR 2021 – Partbred In Hand
  • Rescue Horses supported by the World Horse Welfare
  • Riding Horse – In Hand, Small & Large Riding Horse (HOYS)
  • Sport Horses – In Hand
  • Traditional Gypsy Cobs – In Hand & Ridden
  • Veteran – In Hand & Ridden

Heavy Horse classes include:

  • Shire In Hand with HOYS qualifier
  • Clydesdale / Percheron / Suffolk In Hand
  • Ridden Heavy Horse (HOYS)

Private Driving Classes with HOYS qualifier include:

  • Open – 13.2 and under
  • Open – over 13.2
  • Family Vehicle
  • Exercise Vehicle

Scurry Classes include:

  • Osborne Refrigerators Double Harness Scurry – Large and Small (HOYS)

*Due to current Government guidelines, we have taken the decision to operate the show behind closed doors with no public access.  As per many other shows taking place this year to manage footfall and maximise cost savings the following key changes will apply – there will be no temporary stabling available on site, Exhibitor tickets will be restricted per exhibitor, 1st –6th place rosettes will be issued, no prize money will be paid for any classes.

A timetable will be released very soon, with a Show Schedule and entry forms to follow at the beginning of May.  

Only ONLINE entries will be accepted.

Closing date will be Wednesday 30 June 2021.

Norfolk Equestrian Show TimetableDownload here
Norfolk Equestrian Show JudgesDownload here
Norfolk Equestrian Show MapDownload here
Norfolk Equestrian Show ScheduleMid-May
Norfolk Equestrian Show Online LIGHT HORSE ENTRIESMid-May
Norfolk Equestrian Show Online HEAVY HORSES ENTRIESMid-May
Norfolk Equestrian Show Online PRIVATE DRIVING & SCURRY ENTRIESMid May
Norfolk Equestrian Show CLASS RESULTS (post show)28 July 2021

SHOW SPONSORS – The RNAA thanks the following companies for their show sponsorship.

Mill Saddlery – Rescue Horses In Hand Class

R C Richardson & Sons / Whiterails Livery – Open Private Driving Class & RBST Priority & At Risk Breeds In Hand Class

Uplands Way Vets Ltd – Rescue Horses In Hand Class


The RNAA thanks you in advance for your support and looks forward to welcoming you to our Show in the summer!



For all Equine matters please contact:

Maria Skitmore, Equine Co-ordinator
T: 01603 731 963