2015 Course

As part of an introduction to the world of agricultural science and technology, in September 2015 the RNAA held a 2 day pilot event aimed at helping Year 12 students to make informed decisions about relevant university destinations and courses.

The Agri-Tech taster sessions took place at the Easton and Otley College and the John Innes Centre and TGAC at the Norwich Research Park, where students were given access to the region’s world-leading researchers and facilities. and learnt cutting edge information about research and business opportunities in the agri-tech sector.

The two days focused on the theme of ‘wheat’. Students were encouraged to get hands-on; at Easton and Otley College they learnt about precision farming, advances in technology and even had a go at becoming grain merchants themselves, while at the John Innes Centre they entered the laboratories to have a go at microscopic testing and attended lectures led by Brande Wulff on wheat diseases and Burkhard Steuernagel who introduced the Bioinformatics ‘mutant hunter’.

The pilot event, which was generously supported by RNAA President, Robert Carter DL, will be continued in 2016. To learn more, or if you are a school that has students that would like to be involved, please get in touch. Further details are available from Kate Ibbetson-Price at the RNAA – kate.ibbetson-price@rnaa.org.uk or 01603 731967.